My Portfolio

The Garlic Lady
The story of a Woman I first met when I was 14 years old, during my volunteering work in the vulnerable neighborhoods of Tripoli, Lebanon.
She was holding her new-born son whose head has been bitten by a rat. Her husband was in jail , charged of theft, and she had two little daughters.
Her job was (and still is) to peel garlic for restaurants to earn less than $0.3 per kilogram.
The smell of the house was a blend of the smell of garlic and poverty. Her hands had turned black over the years. I left, with a heartache, feeling incapable of making a change.

15 years later, after I quit my job with the Ministry Of Social Affairs in Lebanon, where I worked on the Syrian Refugees file, I went back to my hometown to search for the Garlic Lady.

Few weeks later, I met with her. The smell was the same. Everything was the same, except that now she is a widow, as her husband was killed, her 16 years old daughter out of school and divorced, and her son in jail. The only “good” news was that she now earns $0.7 per kilogram of peeled garlic.

This painting represents the scars and pain of every woman who has a similar story, as painted in the background. An emphasis on her working hands, coming out of the wooden canvas, holding a big heavy golden garlic. Oh, how I wish for her to actually have this much gold to change her life, get her son out of jail, put her daughters back in school and move to house where no rats nor garlic can be found anymore.

God’s Helping Hand

Is it a volcano? Fire works? A person lying down surrounded by his/her aura? Or maybe a couple holding a child and are surrounded by angels and a big halo? What do you see?

In 2015, I painted an abstract hand generously offering gold dust and magic. It is God’s helping hand.

3 years later, I had quit my job and ventured into creating a coffee startup. Invested all of my savings on creating recipes and starting the business, that I actually became broke, not even able to pay the rent of my atelier. Asking my family for money was not an option, as they were against me quitting my 9 to 5 job and they were going to pressure me to go back.

Lost, empty of solutions, all I was able to do was to pray. It was a holy month, June 2018, and precisely, it was The Destiny Night. One night per year, according to the moon and stars, it is said that a faithful’s prayers do come true. It is said to be a worth a thousand night. I asked God to send me some money to survive without having to ask for any human’s help.

The next day, I was contacted by an amazing lady, whom I had never met, ever in my life, who lives in Europe, and saw my paintings on social media, and decided to buy this painting. She thought it was a volcano. I had no idea how much to price it. I never thought anyone would actually care to buy any of my work. I told her to pay whatever she thinks this artwork deserves. She offered a sum that was even more than I had wished for.
And that was God’s helping hand, through an angel I had never met.
What do you see?
I see “A perfect failure”
Goals are not always meant to be achieved, sometimes they are meant to get us started and to discover what we are really meant to be…
Underneath this painting, lies 5 previous failed paintings that I kept trying to fix until i gave up and started throwing everything infront of me at it (paint leftovers from my palette, dirty black water that i used to clean my brushes with…& other things)…
I hit it to take my revenge from it for wasting my time…it seriously pissed me off because I had failed… I was going to throw it away…I left it on the balcony under the rain…
Then a guest came over and saw it…He was Amazed by its beauty and urged me to save it..He said “It Speaks, it moved a deep feeling inside of him…just like a deep sound of music…”
” this was my face…But ever since, I started loving this failure…It taught me so much about struggles, goals and destinations…And the BEAUTY that lies underneath each of them…
A mad dance or a soldier on his horse? Or is it human’s body with two heads, each looking in a different direction? Maybe it is just a man and a woman dancing madly and intimately.
Happiness Piggy Bank – Saving Happy moments for the dark days

Acrylic, Mixed media, with lighting effect.
Mirror of The soul

Two canvases are placed above one another, torn in the middle to see that underneath lays a universe with constellations and black holes. Or is it the pupil of an eye with with a tiny mirror reflecting the outside world?
Create Your own Silver Lining

Behind the clouds, the Sun is still Shining… Always look at the Silver Lining …
I painted this at a time when I was feeling gloomy, foggy and rainy…just like a lonely leave-less tree on a grey day during a stormy winter…. Sometimes I paint to express a feeling and other times to change reality… I decided to look at the Silver Lining..behind the clouds, where the sun must be shining… So, I dipped the brush in Silver paint and placed it over a cloudy sky

P.S.: I always sign my paintings by leaving my brush inside of it. Most of the times you can t notice the brush cz i keep it hidden under the paint. But this time I didn’t hide it, but made it bright and clear. 
It’s a reminder for you and me to Always Look Behind The Clouds

I also don’t claim to create anything, not even my art… I beleive that God is the Creator of all things and the Painter of all scenes…Creativity comes through us not from us…And only God can change reality, but we can change the way we see things… 
In Vino Veritas

Maybe if get lost we can find ourselves. Maybe the less sober one is, the wiser he or she becomes. Maybe ignorance is bliss. And maybe we are made up of 4 layers, the outer one, strong and dark and deep red wine. The 3rd layer is rose, not as deep but still mysterious and hidden. The 2nd layer is like white wine, not totally transparent as water, still holding some secrets. The last layer is as transparent as water, and only one’s self can be there.
A sacred date

Was it fate that brought these two together on an intimate date? Is it us humans who decide everything or is it all written in the stars? Is coincidence really a coincidence? or a conspiracy by the universe? Are feelings just a random chemical reaction, or is it the spark when two souls that were destined to find one another finally meet?
Flying Waffle Wishes In Brussels

A personal story.
Tears of Gold

May all the tears poured into this world, transform into solid strong bricks to build a better stronger future.
Shine Bright like diamonds

Acrylic on Copper, with real diamonds.

It has a secret story.

Location: UAE
The Wheel of Life, The Wheel of Change!

Life Is But A Turning Wheel…
It burns to start revolutions and protests… It also breaks and stops us from reaching our destination… It can save a life and can kill it too… but most of all, it goes on…
One Heart Is A Reflection OF Many

As we pass through life, we carry with us other people’s hearts too. Some are black, some are gold, some enlighten us and others bring a tornado into our lives. Others are just there to show us a reflection of our true self.
The story of Roy and Nabila’s Heart Beats

A long distance relationship that goes from Nigeria and its rivers, to the UAE and it s desert and palms trees.

Their love was stronger, formed a unified heart beat, under a starry night, they tied the knot.

A hopeful smile of a barefoot child

REALITY… That should Change!
I captured this photo while I was in a Syrian Refugees camp in Arsal, Lebanon.
Although the United Nations in Lebanon are doing great efforts to support the refugees and the vulnerable lebanese commity as well, more is still needed…much more.

Feeling helpless to make a change, yet unable to bare the misery that I have seen throughout my work with the Ministry of social affairs, I decided to change the reality, at least in my own eyes. Maybe positive thoughts and energy could attract the change that I wish to see.
Here is the barefoot child, surrounded by toys instead of old torn shoes to play with: