About The Artist


Hayat Nazer was born and raised in Tripoli, Lebanon. Since she was a teenager,  she has spent a substantial time volunteering with NGOs in vulnerable neighbourhoods, where Lebanese and Palestinians live. A self-taught painter, she is an arts and science graduate from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Her passion for the humanitarian work led her on a roller coaster ride taking her from Beirut where she worked with the UNDP, to London, where she did her MA in Communication (including fundraising), to Abu Dhabi where she worked with the UN HCR, to New York and Beijing and Ankara where she represented the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs, where she was working on the Syrian Refugees file. Her artwork is a reflection of her activities and her goal to create change through her paintings, which are inspired by her humanitarian work.

Artist Statement:

Art is my way of seeking reality, a reality that transcends beyond a world of pain and poverty tarnishing my country Lebanon. Coming from the other side of town, my volunteering in the “rough neighbourhoods” has implanted a perpetual drive for change. A change reflected in my abstract expressionist paintings that aspire to morph the darkness into the light, to transcend the good into great!

My name Hayat, in Arabic, means “Life”. I paint about faith in life, about hope in a better future and about reflections of the self.  My acrylic paintings aspire to disrupt reality, encouraging the Universe to conspire to make a perpetual change.

During a visit to a Syrian Refugees Camp in Arsal. These two girls dream of continuing their education and both wish to become teachers one day. – Arsal, Lebanon, 2015.
When the eyes of a child speak louder than words – in a Syrian refugees camp in Arsal, Lebanon, 2015.
A hopeful smile of a barefoot child- Arsal, Syrian Refugees Camp, 2015.
The Head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Mimi Gerard, in a refugees tent.
Reunited with the Garlic Lady, after 15 years since I first volunteered as a teenager- Tripoli, Lebanon, 2017. Check my portfolio to see a painting about her story.
Trying to make a change, step by step…